In today's world of extreme competiveness and pressure from low cost regional manufacturing, a single off the shelf control solution no longer meets the needs of the market. If a company wants to maintain a competitive advantage they will customize production in order to increase efficiency and minimize long term costs. Our combination of programmable logic controllers, industrial PC, motion and new software tools has allowed Everest to provide the advanced system integration solutions required of our customer's production efficiency needs.


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-Software Development for 2 Axis hole punch machine


-Servo Sauce Filler


Industrial Services

-Design/Build: Known for our unmatched design/build capabilities, Everest routinely delivers substantial cost savings to our clients through our engineering expertise, CADD capabilities, and project management


-Industrial:  Whether you have minor material handling needs to address or a large scale industrial project to create from the scratch, Everest has the expertise and resources to complete the project.  We have extensive experience working in existing infrastructures.  Our fast-track accelerated scheduling and job completion minimizes downtime.  It is really quite simple, Everest will provide a level of knowledge and experience that will allow you to rest assured that the end result will be a quality product delivered within timetable and within budget.

Control Engineering

-Complex Motion Controls

-Material Handling Interface Design & Implementation

-Human Machine Interface Design & Implementation

-SCADA Systems

-Process Controls Integration

-In Line Process Automation

-Facility Energy Management Systems

Automation Services

-Everest has a long history of providing unique control solutions to our clients.  From our infancy in 2007, we have been working on complex control solutions. 

-Through automating your equipment, collecting valuable data, providing interface to your business group to give real time process tracking and manufacturing control, Everest provides clients the ability to have total control and built in quality control in their manufacturing processes.

Control Panel Fabrication

–Everest has our own in-house panel fabrication shop.  This allows us to have ownership over the quality of every panel required for any given project. Our panel services include:
•In-house label engraving.
•In-house testing.
•In-house full AutoCad drawing packages.
•In-house Design Service.
•Additionally, due to our efficient in-house processes, we offer clients fast turn around time on all panel fabrication work.


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